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The Kagikan Project, a tie-up between the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Inc. (CFIF) and Epoch, is bringing a fresh twist to Philippine furniture by bringing international designers back to their Filipino roots. One of them is Daniel Latorre Cruz.

Having lived in England for most of his life, Daniel sets out to explore the side of his identity which can only be truly experienced in Philippine soil. As an artist, Daniel's work is characterized by its ability to surprise: a piece of rock, with its jagged edges, may contain something valuable; a classical chair, collecting dust, becomes something new, playful, flexible. His inspiration springs from his travels, interactions with people, and personal experiences. All of these, when turned into his latest piece, translate into true art forms.

Daniel admits that his heritage serves a great source of inspiration for his designs and that his experience here in his homeland has provoked his need to give back. Daniel collaborates with Obra Cebuana, Coast Pacific, Stonesets, and Hacienda Crafts for the Kagikan Project.